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Long House Has Beach on Top

150mhouse11 architecture

A unique long, narrow house set in a wide open rural landscape, by , is designed around the concept of putting a 40 meter (120 foot) pool on a roof like a sand berm.

150mhouse8 architecture

As you can imagine: this immense rooftop pool means the house underneath is extremely long and narrow; 150 meters (450 feet) long.

150mhouse5 architecture

The family’s living quarters are grouped in glass clusters under the immense roof.

150mhouse2 architecture

The ground floor under the pool is sheltered by a verandah overhang that goes the full length of the structure.

150mhouse1 architecture

Opposite the pool on the top deck, an enclosed spa.

150mhouse12 architecture

Near the mid-length point, a white cube connects both levels and takes you up and out to the pool roof.

150mhouse7 architecture

But from the big white cube, no cramped little exit leads out to the pool.

Its entire wall slides open.

150mhouse10 architecture

Coming back in from an evening swim, you would enter a surprisingly formal living room, a huge cube with a 6M high ceiling.

150mhouse9 architecture

This very serious big cube of space is divided by the stairs that lead down to the family rooms below.

150mhouse3 architecture

At the far end of this big cube, beyond the stairs that divide its space, is this even more formal dining room.

150mhouse6 architecture

Every room below, along the length of the berm has long views to each side out to the hills.

150mhouse4 architecture

With wide open glazing bringing in the surrounding natural world, the rooms underneath do not feel oppressed by the pool above.

150mhouse5 architecture

These rooms open on both sides to the open and airy views beyond.

150mhouse11 architecture

The effect of traversing the lengths of this immensely linear house would give the sense of traversing the long views.

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