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Miami Nice

Miami1 architecture

The firm of Luis Bosch in Miami has long restored faded architectural beauties to their former glory, and occasionally creates new residential projects.

miami11 architecture

The company’s own project is an almost surreal house in Miami that recalls the luxury of talkies-era glamour.

miami3 architecture

The landscaping is simple, for drop dead glamour.

miami8 architecture

The romantic seediness of Miami permeates the setting with a brooding quality.

miami5 architecture

White stucco construction offers a welcome dry relief to the tropical vegetation dripping with humidity.

miami6 architecture

Once inside, a jolt of duscious dark tropical woods provide a crisp frame for the simple white.

miami12 architecture

Upstairs, a gigantic master bedroom puts the bath where the bather can enjoy the view out over the water.

miami10 architecture

By eliminating any clues, the very simplicity of this construction makes anything possible.

miami2 architecture

Only the kitchen is defined.

miami9 architecture

Though the house is photographed without a lick of furniture, with the kitchen on the other side of the divider, the choice is yours, to arrange the living room on this side, and dining in the front – or vice versa.

miami7 architecture

In many years of custom luxury renovation work, this builder has learned what this market really wants.

miami4 architectureWhat is created is a new take on the luxurious old Bau Haus residences of old Miami.

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