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Minilao, a Tropical Guest House with a Twist

Minilao4 architecture

Nestled in the trees on the tropical coast of Anilao, in Batangas province, in the Philippine islands is this open air guest house.

Minilao11 architecture

This coast is a popular spot for divers.

Minilao6 architecture

Because it is in a popular holiday area, the owner of the house hosts many guests in the summer, and arranged for a guest house above the main house.

Minilao1 architecture

But this is a guest house with a difference.

Minilao2 architecture

It is the owner who escapes to this guest house when his house is full of guests!

Minilao5 architecture

This tree house is an idyllic escape, indeed.

Minilao3 architecture

The curtain wall of folding glass doors can be completely open.

Minilao7 architecture

The entire glass wall can be completely closed as well.

Minilao10 architecture

It was designed by Lara Fernandez-Barrios of local Filipino studio, Larawan Ink.

Minilao9 architecture

The new building is raised up on pillars so it commands a better view than the main house.

Minilao12 architecture

But the only clue that the “guest” house is new is the weathered thatch roof on his original house.

Minilao8 architecture

I can’t imagine why such a great space is not a great escape year round!

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