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More from Seijo Peon Arquitectos on Mexico’s Coast

seijo peon arquitectos architecture

After covering their gorgeous and well conceived house in Merida, Mexico, I had to see more from Seijo Peon Arquitectos.

seijo peon arquitectos4 architecture

This amazing solution to a familiar problem does not disappoint.

seijo peon arquitectos10 architecture

While this design looks as if it is for a luxury condo complex, it’s more complicated.

seijo peon arquitectos2 architecture

The clients, a couple with four grown daughters, had a single narrow lot facing the ocean view.

seijo peon arquitectos9 architecture

Each family was to get their own adjoining beach house on the same lot.

seijo peon arquitectos12 architecture

They had to be designed as though there were already neighbours on both sides, because here on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, there will be.

seijo peon arquitectos11 architecture

The clients had not foreseen that the now wide open, wild and empty coast would soon fill up.

seijo peon arquitectos8 architecture

The parents’ house at the front still serves as the main gathering place for all the families.

seijo peon arquitectos7 architecture

Although each house partially overlaps the one in front, it gets its own views on both sides, as the entrances lead up to small porches on the west side.

seijo peon arquitectos14 architecture

Its curved frame helps focus the stunning view.

seijo peon arquitectos6 architecture

The slightly curved wall is ever present throughout.

seijo peon arquitectos3 architecture

The concrete slabs are placed at different heights to redirect and take advantage of air currents so every interior space has a natural wind flow.

seijo peon arquitectos5 architecture

The floor plan of each house is identical – raising no sibling rivalry issues!

seijo peon arquitectos15 architecture

“The formal language has generated several interpretations among the local community regarding the contextual elements that may have inspired the design from the beginning (waves, sails, shells, dunes, boats)” say the architects.

seijo peon arquitectos16 architecture

“The truth is that the origin of the curvilinear design was the result of an extensive spatial and visual analysis towards the sea.

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