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Mysterious Sanctuary for Japanese Family

ma style architects1 architecture

This odd house with these tiny, carefully composed windows is from mA-style architects, in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

It looks more like something that Marco Polo might have encountered in the lonely Himalayas, than a new house in a modern Japanese city.

ma style architects5 architecture

The entrance is tall enough for Marco Polo to ride in on horseback, carrying a banner.

ma style architects10 architecture

The huge expanse of space makes for an interesting view up.

ma style architects2 architecture

The very few windows gives it that mysterious ancient feeling.

ma style architects12 architecture

The floor plan reveals the mystery of why there are so few windows out.

ma style architects6 architecture

The entire house surrounds a two story courtyard in its center.

ma style architects8 architecture

The result is rather narrow rooms, but with such an abundance of glass facing into the central space that they are not at all claustrophobic.

ma style architects11 architecture

One corner of the top floor is glass, so that it is a skylight – bringing more light to the floor below.

ma style architects7 architecture

The benefit gained is an intensely private family house with light filled interiors, despite having nearly no windows out.

ma style architects9 architecture

Far from being cold and distant, it has the inviting welcome of a tent in the mountains.

mA style architects4 architecture

There is a diffused quality to the light from the internal courtyard, because it is reflecting off white walls into each of the four sides.

ma style architects3 architecture

A tranquil, private and pure space is created: a real sanctuary.

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One comment so far to “Mysterious Sanctuary for Japanese Family”
  1. RadoAller Says:

    I think this is more of an islamic architectural style…they used to build simple facades and central courtyards that provide for natural lighting while maintaining privacy.
    I'm also not sure about what was said about the "ancient look". I don't seem to feel that at all in this structure.

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