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Ode to Concrete – a House in Argentina

ba house5 architecture

Here’s a house that’s like a poem about concrete.

ba house1 architecture

Every aspect of the BA House in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina is constructed using poured-in-place concrete.

ba house15 architecture

The ubiquitous concrete is balanced by the warmth of rich dark wood shutters.

ba house13 architecture

The concrete is used in amusing ways, as in forming this tiny horizontal window.

ba house6 architecture

The nailed-together wooden forms that were used to pour its walls, barely held together.

Their brief struggle is immortalised in concrete.

ba house14 architecture

Even the interior furnishings are poured from concrete, and then honed to a gleaming silvery patina.

ba house11 architecture

It is used to form the kitchen counters – for a surprisingly robust and earthy effect.

ba house10 architecture

The floors are polished to a rich and deep patina  – while the ceilings reveal the wooden forms used in making the concrete.

ba house3 architecture

Another concrete form becomes the void that creates the swimming pool.

ba house2 architecture

Amid all this focus on the solid materiality of concrete – the interior makes light solid too.

ba house8 architecture

A glass box of light pours down from the sky into its central space.

ba house9 architecture

The light is more than a skylight on a ceiling.

It becomes more like a solid cube of sunlight.

ba house7 architecture

From one side of the light cube, only the light at bottom is revealed. Above it, you guessed: concrete.

ba house12 architecture

At night, the shape inverts, as the black sky is crossed by a passageway of light.

ba house4 architecture

A very interesting house.

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