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Professional Surfer’s Modern Classic U-Shaped House

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I love the satisfying purity of line of this house for a professional surfer and his young family.

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Jorge Graca Costa designed the U-House overlooking San Lorenzo Bay in Portugal.

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The U-House is located high on the coastal hills overlooking the World Surfing Reserve.

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The architect and the client wanted to unobtrusively incorporate renewable energy into the design, rather than tack something on later.

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Solar and biomass generate the heat for the outdoor, non-chlorinated swimming pool.

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Double glazed windows keep out the heat, and a modern update on traditional deep overhangs of a porch roof keep out the summer sun while inviting in the winter sun lower in the sky.

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Sited to protect against very strong coastal winds of western Portugal, only the deep front of the “U” is “open”.

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Underfloor heating is radiant thermal heat supplied by the same solar heating for the outdoor pool.

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Sustainable timber lines the U-shaped corridor connecting the two sides.

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A central fireplace, because it’s clad in stone, acts as a thermal sink, giving off warmth long after the fire is out.

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Cork is used for its insulating properties.

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Other sustainable measures include rainwater harvesting for irrigation and for the household water needs.

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The unassuming house is small, but adequate for the family and their two children.

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After a day of surfing and fun at the beach for the children, the pool is a place of peace and relaxation.

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This no-fuss aesthetic is just right for the athletic young family.

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