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Samurai’s Residence Becomes a Tokyo Art Lover’s Home

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Built on the site of an old Samurai residence, this house by Keiji Ashizawa in Tokyo is set in an ancient garden.

Some very old Pine and Zelkova trees had to be preserved.

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The design of its details, down to even the door handles, was all custom made for the house.

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The architect’s brief included the clients’ desire to display a very extensive collection of art and antiques.

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As you enter the living room, there is something of the feeling of a ‘great hall’ museum space.

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The great hall is actually an absolutely gigantic space.

It elaborately houses a three-story-tall staircase, the access to four bedrooms on two floors.

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Despite these generous proportions, the house is actually quite compact, with the four bedrooms right above this ceiling.

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A garden on the roof outside the first landing creates the impression of a ‘ground’ floor.

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This garden is a green roof, creating a courtyard between the two bedrooms on the first floor.

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Floor to ceiling glazing clarifies the shape of the bedrooms: simple cubes of glass.

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Looking out from the top landing, the four bedrooms can be seen to be stacked up in two glass boxes on each side.

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Topping the house, a deck offers a 360 degree view of Tokyo.

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Beneath the bedrooms, a floor to ceiling curtain wall opens the kitchen wide to the Samurai’s garden beyond.

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Looking out the other way from the great hall – the gardens are a reminder of the ancient Samurai’s site, with trees that are still here today.

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