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Seijo Peon Arquitectos: A Delightful Family Home in Merida

casa es1 seijo2  architecture

Here’s a house that makes great use of large expanses of windowless stucco to create a canvas for offsetting the three pretty colours of Spain’s terracottas against each other.

casa es1 seijo1 architecture

The house is sited in Mérida, an old town settled by the Spanish in the balmy dry warm climate inland on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

casa es1 seijo19 architecture

Designed by Seijo Peon Arquitectos, much of it is completely open air for al fresco dining and living.

casa es1 seijo6  architecture

Slicing through the garden, the entrance from the street leads directly to an enclosed glass corridor leading to enclosed bedrooms.

casa es1 seijo7 architecture

To one side of that corridor, this fully al fresco dining room is sheltered only from the heat of the sun under a cooling high ceiling.

casa es1 seijo9 architecture

From the garden gate, the first view is a welcome from the family in the open air living and dining outdoor room.

casa es1 seijo15  architecture

No eating at the kitchen sink for this family.

The kitchen, not shown, is a separate and very spacious room to the right.

casa es1 seijo16 architecture

This is an eating space for savouring the joys of family and friends.

casa es1 seijo17 architecture

Large paving stones create a seamless transition from exterior to ‘interior’ space.

casa es1 seijo18 architecture

The corridor along the entire length of the house is glassed on both sides as it passes a garden space between the kitchen and the bedrooms.

So from the garden you can see through this part of the house.

casa es1 seijo5 architecture

Terraces off the bedrooms also connect with the garden.

casa es1 seijo14 architecture

Contrasting with entirely open ‘rooms, large expanses of featureless stucco wall allow a jolt of colour like the simplest canvas.

casa es1 seijo13  architecture

Together with its sober and efficient layout, this changing palette of colour brings moments of joy in traversing the spaces.

casa es1 seijo10  architecture

The house has a very interesting quality.

casa es1 seijo11 architecture

One might be startled by a visitor at the front gate as one leaves a bedroom.

casa es1 seijo3  architecture

But the front gate is locked. It acts as a front door.

casa es1 seijo12 architecture

In this way, the entire indoors and outdoors space has become ‘the house.’

casa es1 seijo4  architecture

Combining the private courtyard spaces of traditional Spanish living with the influence of Mies Van der Rohe, in this effortlessly simple and original and yet straightforward design, one experiences a calm and pure pleasure in the joy of living.

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