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Sleek Black and White House in Singapore

Zen1 architecture

Berrima House by Singapore’s Park + Associates has a Zen-like simplicity to it.

Zen4 architecture

Sleek and glossy, this is a stark black and white house designed to counteract Singapore’s humid climate.

Zen2 architecture

Its severely limited palette is intensified by expanses of glass.

Zen6 architecture

The master bathroom continues the cool and glossy and black and white theme.

Zen10 architecture

The house is centered around an internal grassy courtyard, with the living room under the childrens’ bedrooms.

Zen3 architecture

The kitchen is placed in the diagonal corner, for the mother to oversee the family’s whereabouts while cooking.

Zen5 architecture

A horizontal slit in the wall of the parent’s wing also allows reconnaissance across to the childrens’ wing.

Zen9 architecture

A bridge connects the two wings of the house, with the living room in front of the parent’s’ wing on the right.

Zen7 architecture

The U-shaped house is entered on the dining and kitchen side, under the parents’ wing.

Zen8 architecture

From the entry next to the garage, another slit in the wall offers a peek into the lush central courtyard across to the bridge.

A brisk, concise and Zen-like plan.

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