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Sleek, Seductive, Sophisticated: Another Charmer from Ong & Ong

45faber1 architecture

Singapore’s Ong & Ong has a recognisable look, one that absorbs urban Singapore’s sumptuous colonial history and modernises it.

45faber2 architecture

Sophisticated and sleek, 45 Faber is another of the firm’s predictably urbane city houses.

45faber3 architecture

Here a feature is made of a necessity, because the stairs would have interrupted the view.

A colossal spiral staircase is designed to be an art piece.

45faber architecture

The spare use of natural materials such the teak inset for the treads do not overpower the shell-shape design.

45faber7 architecture

We’ve covered others from Ong & Ong, in
Ong & Ong Inserts Gorgeous Modernity into Old Singapore

45faber8 architecture

And you can also see parallels in this to their Sublime Tropical House from Singapore’s Ong & Ong.

45faber6 architecture

An upstairs deck allows a view down to the pool, a luxury in the city, as in their Ong & Ong Make a Cooled Singapore Beach House.

45faber9 architecture

With no steps down from the living space, when the glass curtain wall is slid back, the pool and the completely flat garden becomes an extension of the interior, essentially doubling the interior space.

45faber5 architecture

Smooth and flat, the interior blends seamlessly with the exterior.

It all becomes one very citified space.

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