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Stockholm Attic gets Reclaimed for the Good Life

stockholm31 architecture

The old city of Stockholm has some great renovated attics in its old stock of good city houses. Here’s yet another one – a very contemporary adaptation.

stockholm1 architecture

This one makes extensive use of cutouts in the roof to bring light in to virtually every room.

stockholm21 architecture

Even the bathroom gets its own unique sky window.

stockholm52 architecture

All these old top floor attics built in bygone days were huge, gigantic spaces, that were perhaps used for food storage, or perhaps it was for added insulation to protect against cold nordic winters.

stockholm81 architecture

With so many skylights, it creates a natural daylight effect, because the light is predominantly from above, rather than from the sides, as in most houses.

stockholm41 architecture

Many of these Stockholm penthouses have also been cut open to create rooftop terraces.

stockholm62 architecture

Cutting through even the very lowest part of these gigantic attic roof spaces now yields sweet little balconies.

stockholm9 architecture

A completely modern apartment can created from the waste space overlooked by previous generations.

stockholm71 architecture

So cheers!

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  1. Modern Furniture Says:

    Stockholm does houses some of the best renovated attics along with assorted furniture. The interior designs does look vibrant with all the contemporary furniture and their subsequent placements – their placements are really well thought out. The extra space can be felt in the above pics. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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