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The Bandra House on Pali Hill from Studio Mumbai

pali11 architecture

This stair leads you down from street level into a sophisticated and cultured home with a smoky air of mystery in the city of Bandra in Maharashtra, India, by Studio Mumbai.

pali2 architecture

Light, reflected off the deep wood tones of the landing deck up onto the subtly pigmented plaster, creates shadows with a twilight hue of lavenders and ivy greens.

pali12 architecture

The entrance descends into private space, but opens out once more onto a broad vista across the city.

pali1 architecture

Studio Mumbai’s trademark artisanal pigmented lime plaster walls softly absorb light which is reflected in the milky glass.

pali5 architecture

Similarly, a polished limestone floor gently brings the landscape deep into the interiors, reflecting the Pali Hill public park outside.

pali10 architecture

This is a house that offers a measure of peace and tranquil privacy, through the many layers of glass, wooden screens, planted trellises, and reflected views, though set in a busy urban environment.

pali6 architecture

A double height outdoor living space gives the sense of soaring space that cleverly belies the tight urban environment.

pali8 architecture

The house is discovered gradually through staircases descending through a sophisticated series of spaces.

pali3 architecture

All of the architectural woodworking is crafted in-house – as with all of Studio Mumbai’s very artisanal approach to architecture. The latticework banisters, the wooden paneled library seen here.

pali9 architecture

Deeply private, yet open and airy, it is a sensuously beautiful urban dwelling, that’s gradually unveiled.

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