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The Chic Little Black House

zen9 architecture

The very amusing blog Coffee With An Architect (Architecture and Angst) mocks the penchant of architects for black.

In their clothing.

zen7 architecture

This very chic house takes black to the max.

zen4 architecture

Normally a black exterior does nothing for energy costs, because black exteriors absorb more heat, requiring more air conditioning to keep cool in climates like Australia’s.

zen8 architecture

But the house is in a region on Mornington Peninsula with harsh prevailing winds.

zen3 architecture

So the architects tucked it into a hillside to maximise shelter.

zen10 architecture

StudioFour‘s Ridge Road Residence is an Australian House of the Year finalist for 2012.

zen17 architecture

The warmth of the sun is maximised through giant glazing.

zen16 architecture

Once inside, the all black of the exterior flips to a creamy white.

The all-white interior forms a sharp contrast.

zen2 architecture

Unusually, the architecture team, former Art Directors  Annabelle Berryman and Sarah Henry, have also created an artwork for the living room celebrating reflections of the landscape.

zen6 architecture

The studio-based practice hopes to blend the disciplines of art, architecture, landscape and interiors.

zen5 architecture

With their design backgrounds, the two have a vision for architectural practice recruiting design as a holistic solution, not a compartmentalised one.

zen11 architecture

In this, they are bringing into the 21st century an “architect chic” version of the concept of the arts and crafts movement, that also sought a holistic blend of the arts and crafts of building.

zen12 architecture

Looking out from the business end of the cooking area – this appears to be just another white kitchen.

zen13 architecture

But from the other side, the most extreme kitchen ever. Cooking in an all black space is a first!

zen14 architecture

The black cabinetry causes the kitchen to fade into the background so that a meal in the kitchen feels more like it’s in a separate dining room.

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