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The Novel Use of Cork for Portugal’s Villa Extramuros

Extramuros architecture

A very original use of cork on the exterior defines the minimalist structure of the Villa Extramuros in Arriolos.

extramuros1 architecture

White stucco offsets the soft brown cork, and marble and waxed concrete are the other two textures in this striking minimalist vacation spot.

Extramuros3 architecture

In some ways, the layout reflects the charms of villages in Southern and Mediterranean Europe, derived from the traditional design of latin mansions and medieval convents, around a central patio.

Extramuros4 architecture

But the execution of the architecture, utilizing the unusual cork cladding, is contemporary and boldly minimal.

Extramuros11 architecture

The soft brown cork turns out to be surprisingly beguiling as a minimalist material.

Extramuros12 architecture

The material suggests that the warmth of the day is emanating out of the cork in the evening.

Extramuros14 architecture

It creates an almost mushroom-like effect with its soft brown underside in this fashionably sky-slicing upstairs deck detail.

Extramuros13 architecture

But the striking contrast between the hard edged concrete floor inside and the soft cork ceiling outside must be an interesting experience.

Extramuros7 architecture

The floors and ceilings inside the building are concrete, durable and easy to care for in a region that takes the siesta seriously.

Extramuros5 architecture

You can imagine how odd this must feel, looking out from these concrete floored rooms at the cork ceilings that are only under the exterior ceilings of the patios that ring the courtyard.

Extramuros6 architecture

The communal living rooms of the Villa Extramuros open out onto the central courtyard and the dining room has a terrace that faces the surrounding fields and olive trees.

Extramuros9 architecture

Furnishings comprise a mixture of designer pieces and traditional local textiles and objects.

Extramuros10 architecture

In another contemporary twist, marble furniture for the bedroom and the study is snapped-together, treating the pricy material as if it’s particle-board.

Extramuros8 architecture

In the heart of a preserved landscape of cork oaks and olive trees, the living spaces are hidden and protected from the outside in order to allow more privacy, but offer luminous views from inside.

Extramuros15 architecture

This fascinating vacation resort is set in the Mediterranean in a region rich of centuries of history and culture.

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