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The Partly Transparent and Fluid Haus am Weinberg

unstudio3 architecture

Set on a rolling green hillside is a semitransparent white house with an undulating roof.

unstudio1 architecture

Its roof-wall is like a smooth white curtain of cream poured over a portion of a glass box.

unstudio2 architecture

The rolling hillside is echoed in the gentle swooping curves of the building.

unstudio4 architecture

A central support frees the four corners of the interior space from architectural elements that would otherwise block its views overlooking Stuttgart, Germany.

unstudio5 architecture

Its softly curved white undulating forms are as strangely lovely by night as by day.

unstudio7 architecture

Inside, there is a sense of protection from the exterior ‘curtain’ draped over the glass walls.

unstudio9 architecture

The smooth curved whiteness follows the viewer indoors.

unstudio11 architecture

A bleached oak floor is the only material other than the white stucco.

unstudio10 architecture

All of the plaster stucco had to be shaped by hand.

unstudio8 architecture

A tradition of bagged deer on the wall sounds a note of irony.

unstudio6 architecture

UNStudio designed the very intriguing Haus am Weinberg.

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