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The Perfectly-Lit “Dancing Living House”

dance2 architecture

From the street, the only window you can see on this building by Junichi Sampei of a.l.x. is what seems to be just an intriguing box of glass in one corner.

dance3 architecture

The whole building is precariously balanced on a smaller footprint, creating a garage space under its hovering mass.

dance13 architecture

The “dancing living house” is a three story live/work dance studio in Yokohama.

Dance1 architecture

An angled edge at the back creates a terrace outside the bedroom at the top of the building.

The building is day-lit by two skylights that run along the top of the roof.

dance5 architecture

At the front, another skylight, (that ends in the cube of glass seen from the street) sends daylight down two floors to the dance studio below through a second strip of glass in the floor.

dance4 architecture

The clients, a married couple, wanted a dance studio by day that could become their living room at night.

Their bedroom and bathroom is upstairs.

dance7 architecture

The deck outside the bedroom widow opens to the deck on the top floor.

dance6 architecture

To go downstairs to the studio, the couple must walk across the glass, and be briefly seen from the streey in the glass cube, as if on a stage.

dance8 architecture

On the dance floor, the kitchen is along one wall that can be curtained off when the dance studio is in session.

dance12 architecture

At night, the dance studio becomes their living room.

Curtains can conceal the studio mirror wall, as well as the kitchen wall.

Dance11 architecture

The bathroom/bedroom above has a view down into the living room/dance studio, and the stairs that connect the floors.

dance10 architecture

Light comes down into the studio from both ends of the building from the skylights that run along the edges of the roof.

dance9 architecture

So at both ends of the building, diffuse light is brought down to the studio by a strip of glass on the roof on each side.

What seems on the outside to be a building with not enough windows, turns out to be perfectly lit studio, with no glare.

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