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The Startling Windows of Casa Lucernas in Chile

lucernas house4 architecture

This house from 01 Arq has surprising window/skylights that jut upwards at irregular intervals – contrasting with its siting on very flat land.

lucernas house1 architecture

Casa Lucernas is located south of Santiago at the foothill of Cerro Chena, in Catemito, Chile.

lucernas house14 architecture

A surprisingly small, clean and simple layout echoes the minimalism of its architecture.

(The eight skylights are marked X)

lucernas house2 architecture

Its eight vertically extruded windows morph into skylights, creating the illusion of high ceilings.

lucernas house3 architecture

From inside you see just how the window/skylights create the sense of a much taller space. It is a bold and original idea.

lucernas house9 architecture

From the outside, these giant skylight window boxes also maintain complete privacy, with most of what is seen simply the interior wall.

lucernas house8 architecture

Here the intersection between the two ceiling heights interestingly creates the sense that there is a partial floor above.

lucernas house5 architecture

Glimpsed in the background through the boldly shaped deck are the bedrooms that have fully glassed walls on this side for the warm sunlight.

lucernas house6 architecture

From the opposite end, you can see the light from the bedrooms, and the master bathroom’s towering skylight over the shower.

lucernas house7 architecture

A rough grey stucco exterior is contrasted with a satiny finish on the white interior – like the contrast between the rough outside and the smooth inside of a shell.

lucernas house10 architecture

At dusk, this white interior is lit up.

lucernas house12 architecture

Throughout – lovely, clean, simple shapes are boldly outlined against the sky.

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