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Trees Gather Close to a Library of Paper Books

library3 architecture

JAJA has a stark and beautiful design for a new public library in Daegu, South Korea that brings trees and books closer together.

library2 architecture

The design articulates the sense of a library as a special repository for fostering of communal creativity and knowledge sharing.

library4 architecture

The architects proposed that trees in the adjacent park appear to ‘overflow’ onto the site, by planting tall poplars up to the building.

library7 architecture

The trees outside and the books within would create a cohesive experience that celebrates their shared connection.

library10 architecture

The library couldn’t be simpler in concept.

library1 architecture

Glass skylights between the floors elucidate the structure’s design.

library8 architecture

An unusual cantilevered series of floors follows the line of the sun path.

library12 architecture

The exact 45 degree angle of these cantilevered floors tell you it is a manmade construct, yet the idea conveyed is of offering shelter similar to that under a tree canopy.

library5 architecture

This cantilevering is on all sides.

library6 architecture

Inside, tall columns reproduce the straight and tall poplars outside.

library9 architecture

Within the densely populated, fast-paced Korean city, the texture of paper books and trees has a nostalgic and sensuous presence.

library11 architecture

The proposal was awarded third prize in the competition.

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