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Update on the Loft For Los Angeles Home

BIG small House1 architecture

A tiny house in Los Angeles relies on a mezzanine bedroom to make it a liveable space.

BIG small House2 architecture

With space so expensive in the heavily built neighbourhood, it’s lot is half the size of its neighbours.

BIG small House3 architecture

Despite this, the solution houses all the necessities of Los Angeles living with a simple plan.

BIG small House4 architecture

The plan depends on a mezzanine bedroom.

BIG small House5 architecture

It’s a familiar loft bedroom solution.

BIG small House7 architecture

This means the rest of the space is one big open space with the living room to the front.

BIG small House6 architecture

The kitchen is at the back behind the living room.

BIG small House8 architecture

The loft bedroom is no cramped crawlspace.

BIG small House9 architecture

A huge and generous skylight brings the huge sky into the little house.

BIG small House10 architecture

The single skylight brightens the entire house.

BIG small House11 architecture

The house, designed by  Anonymous Architects, is far from anonymous.

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