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Where Vacationing Australian Families Can Rough it in Style

seal1 architecture

Somewhere between the outback and the campground is this Seal Rocks beach house designed for family get togethers in NSW.

seal2 architecture

A huge square metal shell houses a nearly empty interior courtyard.

seal4 architecture

The house is a narrow shell arrayed around a giant open square space.

seal6 architecture

Within the skimpy interior spaces there are accommodations for two sets of parents and up to six kids in bunks.

seal21 architecture

For these two families, the spartan accommodation has a down-under campground feel.

seal17 architecture

From a child’s eye view of the kitchen – there seems to be plenty of room.

seal16 architecture

But the plan shows it is the slimmest of galley kitchens, cleverly backed by a curtain wall of window.

seal5 architecture

All of the interiors are like this. Airy and roomy only when it’s open air days.

seal10 architecture

For example, the kids bunk bedroom (far corner) closes up like a garage door with a roll-up door when it’s inclement weather or for bedtime. (A bit depressing?)

seal12 architecture

But on most hot sultry nights in Seal Rocks, Australia, everything can be open.

seal9 architecture

The vacation home is set in the midst of dense wilderness near the ocean.

seal11 architecture

The lonely setting makes for a campground type vacation in a solitary and peaceful spot.

seal14 architecture

The barely there house is clearly designed for energetic young families who like to get out in the wild.

seal18 architecture

For big simple family gatherings in the wild – the house is just right.

seal22 architecture

Seal Rocks House 4 was designed by Australian architectural firmĀ Bourne Blue Architecture.

seal13 architecture

This kind of glass louvred window has been a fixture in antipodean design vernacular since the 1950s.

seal15 architecture

Here it is used ironically for a certain spartan chic to this very uncompromising Australian plan.

seal7 architecture

This kind of spartan industrial chic is not to everyone’s taste.

seal3 architecture

The rental property was completed in 2009.

seal19 architecture

Hopefully the the “for rent” phone number listed on the stairs won’t get changed before the stairs need to be replaced.

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