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Yes, This Concrete House is Actually Homey

casa beaumont3 architecture

Is it possible for a concrete house to be cosy and comfortable, and even homey?

casa beaumont2 architecture

A bleak and impersonal presence on the street with a mixture of industrial buildings and houses gives no hint of the warmth within this house by Henri Cleinge.

casa beaumont1 architecture

The comfort of a wall of books and a view out into a secret garden is part of the sense of a warm and sheltering cave.

casa beaumont10 architecture

Double height living room glazing on the south side floods the interior with sun.

casa beaumont7 architecture

A clear view of the sky greets you as you climb the stairs.

casa beaumont5 architecture

This skylight continues out over the living room and washes the wall with a cool and meditative light.

casa beaumont8 architecture

The use of large expanses of wood paneling, on ceilings and walls creates a restful sanctuary.

casa beaumont4 architecture
Upstairs soft white bedding and a warmed polished black granite floor forms a sumptuous contrast to the rustic warmth of the wood and the unyielding gray concrete wall.

casa beaumont6 architecture

In the kitchen, only the food preparation surfaces and floor are not wood.

casa beaumont11 architecture

The softness of these ceilings and cabinets of walnut and cedar form a lush contrast with the harsh concrete shell.

casa beaumont9 architecture

So in the midst of all this wood, the sober and elegantly simple bathroom is actually refreshingly cool and minimal.

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