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On Mythical Mykonos in Greece, the San Giorgio Hotel

san giorgio hotel2 art home decor

Set on the dramatic coastline of Mykonos, Greece, a small hotel offers a blend of rustic and modern Mediterranean flavors.

san giorgio hotel1 art home decor

Its decidedly understated and monochromatic decor comes from Berlin-based Lambs&Lions.

san giorgio hotel10 art home decor

The design group has used a minimal palette restricted to a modern use of earthy natural shades throughout.

san giorgio hotel9 art home decor

The very few, carefully selected pieces of furniture are unerringly right.

san giorgio hotel6 art home decor

Subtle references are made to the North African and Mediterranean designs that have influenced the region since ancient times.

san giorgio hotel3 art home decor

There is tranquil feeling as a result of such care in choosing the few items inside.

san giorgio hotel14 art home decor

Ancient “built-in” shelving set in to the old hand-built walls still serves a purpose.

san giorgio hotel4 art home decor

Selected by Design Hotels as one of only 240 handpicked boutique resorts globally, it is the care in decoration that really makes the traditional building special.

san giorgio hotel8 art home decor

Outside, just the simplest traditional trellis provides holidaymakers with a serene and shady spot for an al fresco lunch.

san giorgio hotel7 art home decor

The turquoise of the pool is the only shock of color in the very subdued and discrete color story.

san giorgio hotel13 art home decor

Bedrooms continue the subdued and refreshingly simple decor.

san giorgio hotel12 art home decor

A mosquito net is a reminder of the proximity of the tropics.

san giorgio hotel15 art home decor

Mosaic floors of cool tiles, simple wooden furniture and breezy windows complete the minimal decoration.

san giorgio hotel17 art home decor

A place for a night lantern is inserted in the traditional thick walls of the ancient Cycladic vernacular architecture of the region.

san giorgio hotel11 art home decor

The small hotel is set within the piazza on the island.

san giorgio hotel18 art home decor

Illustrative of how these old buildings are constructed, a pour of plaster partially covers the underlying stone walls. Only the crisp white shutters are new.

san giorgio hotel5 art home decor

In decorating the San Giorgio Hotel, the designers have created an utterly un-distracting spot, dedicated to relaxation.

san giorgio hotel16 art home decor

The result: sunbaked and perfect peace.

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