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Sweet Folk Art in Hand-painted Furniture from Kare-Design

kare design ibiza collection4 furniture 2

Managing to look like indigenous painted furniture from all the nations in the world, the Ibiza Collection is hand made in Indonesia.

kare design ibiza collection2 furniture 2

Like Ibiza itself, a Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain that was overrun by Moorish design influences from Morocco and the Northern Sahara over the centuries…

kare design ibiza collection3 furniture 2

…this fun painted furniture collection by Kare Design has an overtly Mediterranean-Moorish quality.

kare design ibiza collection7 furniture 2

But the goofy sweetness of these pieces would fit equally well in almost every national folk art theme.

kare design ibiza collection1 furniture 2

The modernized oriental and classic patterns blend almost every folk art culture around the world.

kare design ibiza collection5 furniture 2

These pieces suggest the folk art furniture passionately hand painted by Russian grandmothers, but also the surprise of magical realism of Mexico.

kare design furniture 2

They remind you of the fairy tale world, steeped in tradition, of Lapland.

kare design1 furniture 2

But also the nostalgia of colonial settlers, trying to recreate the veneer of genteel civilization in the wild wild west.

kare design ibiza collection6 furniture 2

The result is a very versatile and exciting collection that would work to bring some piquancy to almost any design theme.

kare design3 furniture 2

It would make the kind of furniture for children that is remembered for life.

kare design6 furniture 2

The sweet hand-painted collection of tables and chairs and chests and mirrors, is made from acacia and mango wood.

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  1. Sweet Folk Art in Hand-painted Furniture from Kare-Design | TipDad Says:

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  2. Nenad Says:

    Please ,inform me about price of Kare kitchen table.

  3. Nancy Palmer Says:

    Where can I see Sweet Folk Art hand painted furniture from kare design in person?
    Love it!

  4. Susan Kraemer Says:

    They seem to have a website, just google the names

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