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When Angels Need Office Furnishings…

alba 2 furniture 2

When divine beings do their accounting, here is surely the furniture for the job.

alba 3 furniture 2

There is an almost unearthly beauty to these pieces from design firm Tervhivatal.

alba 9 furniture 2

Crisp, efficient and elegant.

alba 12 furniture 2

The purity of this line just seems sublime.

alba 6 furniture 2

The original simple bleached wood version of the same design from 2001, the Dune, was given a Hungarian design award.

alba 7 furniture 2

Born from a near-divine collaboration between Hungarian designers Zsanett Benedek & Daniel Lakos, the Alba Collection is an update.

alba 4 furniture 2

Minimalism meets elegant design in their newest version, an update in pure white, “to find harmony between large volumes and lightness, between a mass and a shell.”

alba 8 furniture 2

Surely this is the chair for when angels need office furniture.

alba 11 furniture 2

But also, the beautiful shape is very much of this moment in time.

alba 5 furniture 2

The ensemble has the design aesthetic of the ubiquitous macs and iPhones of our age.

alba 1 furniture 2

Even for us mortals – this is a table and chair that seems just right.

alba 10 furniture 2


alba 13 furniture 2


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