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A Cute Haus in the Austrian Alps

Haus Ruscher4 green

Local studio OLKRÜF designed and built this childlike house in the mountains of western Austria, with grassland ending abruptly at its boxy walls.

Haus Ruscher5 green

The extremely simple shape and basic materials reflects the utter simplicity of its fairytale setting on the sloping meadows of the Kanisfluh mountain.

Haus Ruscher2 green

The architect’s brief included a compact house for a small family, yet with enough space for guests and a sauna (the smaller building).

Haus Ruscher11 green

Unlike many houses with such an uncompromising exterior, the design continues in a perfectly consistent way inside the house too.

Haus Ruscher1 green

You enter the low ceiling kitchen, but beyond it, the living room has a raised ceiling that opens upwards to the view.

Haus Ruscher6 green

The simple kitchen is entered directly from the back of the building, and beyond it, one of three living room windows can be seen at that level.

Haus Ruscher12 green

Once the kitchen is entered, with no further ado, stairs lead up to the two bedrooms for parents and children.

The heart of the house is cosy and warm with wood lining the floor.

Haus Ruscher14 green

Beyond the kitchen, windows on three sides bring an abundance of light into the living room.

Haus Ruscher8 green

A raised ceiling at the junction between the living room and the kitchen exposes the thermal mass of the sandblasted smooth concrete to store warmth from the sun.

Haus Ruscher15 green

Placed over the low ceiling of the kitchen, the children’s bedroom is double height to allow for bunk beds.

The parents’ room is at the top of the stairs, and (not shown on the landing below) half way down the stairs is the door to the children’s bedroom is entered.

Haus Ruscher9 green

Shown unfurnished, the bedrooms are completely lined in wood, for further cosy protection against the elements.

Haus Ruscher13 green

Viewed from the landing outside the childrens bedroom, you can see some of the unusual construction with thick, poured-in-place concrete walls.

Haus Ruscher10 green

In an experimental move first tested on the smaller guesthouse/sauna building, the thick exterior wall of the building was constructed from one continuous piece of poured concrete the full height of the structure.

Haus Ruscher3 green

Where the interior walls were continued from roof to ground, they too were cast straight through multiple levels in a single piece, then the floors were hung afterwards from the concrete walls, by drilling metal into the triple height finished wall.

Haus Ruscher7 green

The result was exceptional thermal mass, bringing stable warmth through the winter months and a consistent cooling during the hot summer.

It’s a novel design and technique, and both are executed confidently.

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