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Delightful Eco-Reimagining of a Stockholm Attic

Attic1 green

This gorgeous attic conversion was formerly a dark, ignored attic space atop a large building built in 1885.

Attic2 green

How well the white walls, floor and ceiling express the joyousness of the sophisticated and charming apartment that now opens through the roof to the air outside.

Attic3 green

A comfortable modern life is enjoyed in a space neglected in centuries past.

The space is re-imagined as a eco dwelling in the heart of the city.

Attic4 green

Stockholm is a charming old residential city, so some of its most beautiful buildings date well back into the past.

Attic6 green

The apartment opens out to an inviting terrace overlooking the city’s rooftops.

Attic5 green

This terrace was created by peeling back the attic roof that typically covers this surprising possibility.

Dark flooring on the terrace matches the rooftops in the view.

Attic9 green

Both of the floors sum up to 1,302 square feet, with the kitchen downstairs.

Attic8 green

Stairs up to the top floor living room – that opens out onto the terrace – would make this feel more like a garden apartment, not an attic.

Attic101 green

On the lower floor, charming combinations of old, revamped details blend with modern contemporary accents typical of uncomplicated Swedish renovation.

Attic14 green

The lucky occupants of the Stockholm Apartment of course get a no-nonsense industrious and organized Swedish bathroom.

Attic13 green

Look at how much light is streaming in the bathroom door. It’s hard to imagine the space began as a dark attic!

Attic71 green

The space is carved out of a two story attic, tall enough to even include an additional mezzanine floor.

(Whatever did they store in this vast space in 1885?)

Attic12 green

I especially love how the bedroom is tucked into this really sweet space at the apex of the attic roof!

Attic11 green

The bedroom is actually on a mezzanine floor that looks out across another gorgeous space – down to the upper attic living room, where light is streaming in from the open terrace.

A truly heavenly abode in an old city.

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