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Architectkidd Invents a Unique Shower for a Bangkok Flat

Architectkidd1 home improvement

A very spartan shower room is built from reclaimed wood on a balcony in a Bangkok high rise apartment building by the Thai architecture group Architectkidd.

Architectkidd7 home improvement

To allow for cross breezes in the corner apartment, the layout of the perforated screens was designed to receive Bangkok’s typical south-west breezes.

The wooden screens are adjustable to create a different space on the balcony.

Architectkidd5 home improvement

This way, when the balcony is not used as a shower, the screens can be moved to make a larger outdoor space, and that entering the apartment, you have an uninterrupted view of the Bangkok skyline.

Architectkidd8 home improvement

The idea behind the outdoor shower was to make double use of a confined space.

Architectkidd6 home improvement

On two sides, there are views out across the center of the city of Bangkok, including across it’s largest waterways.

Architectkidd4 home improvement

The renovation revealed the interior structure of the walls, which the architects left exposed creating a spare and contemporary look.

Architectkidd2 home improvement

This is echoed in the chunky wood of the kitchen counter that extends hugely across the back wall of the apartment to create a sense of spaciousness in the open living/kitchen space.

Architectkidd3 home improvement

Exposed concrete walls, floors and ceilings give the apartment a spartan feeling that that the architects incorporate into the renovation.

ArchitectKidd9 home improvement

To create the unique screens, the architects worked with a local carpenter who used an assortment of reclaimed hard woods, honed and oiled to make the shower screen, scavenged from building sites in old Bangkok.

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