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Amazing House in Mexico by Almazán Arquitectos Asociados

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Almazán Arquitectos Asociados‘ flamboyant Casa del Agua presents a theatrical facade to the world.

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A series of open air platforms create outdoor staging areas on its facade.

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The bold lighting at night makes the house look more like a series of stage sets than a house.

It appears to be black on the exterior, with a shell-like light interior.

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As day breaks, the astonishing building reveals itself as actually all white stucco.

This side is the rather more covered public face, bold and strong.

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Acclimatized to the hot days and warm nights of Jalisco, Mexico, many of the rooms opening out to the garden side are simply open pavilions.

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A strong sculptural presence announces an unforgettable entry across shallow water over large rounded river stones.

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A shallow body of water just covers the stones to each side of the walkway.

Its cooling reflective surface doubles the height of the dramatic building.

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These large pink river stones are also used in xeroscaping elsewhere in the luxurious estate.

1213 architecture

Providing continuity between the indoor and outdoor rooms, the same pink river stones make an appearance within the living space.

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And out of these stones, a tall tree is growing indoors.

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And what appears to a giant stone makes an appearance in the dramatic skylit interior.

Quite an extraordinary performance.

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