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Traditional Cabin in the Alps Meets Big Glass

148 architecture

Wow. What beautiful proportion. What utter purity of line!

220 architecture

The attic bedroom is centered at the apex of this cabin in the Austrian alps.

147 architecture

The result is a dream bedroom on the top floor with the simplicity of a child’s stick-figure drawing.

416 architecture

This architectural style – mountain cabin with a perfect right-angle pitched gable roof – is not normally associated with extensive glazing.

219 architecture

But this house bucks that trend.

It is nearly entirely glass.

318 architecture

With such generous expanses of glazing, the interior seems to flow right out into nature.

514 architecture

Architects Hohensinn Architektur skilfully blended the house in with its more traditional neighbours.

618 architecture

The house is located in the mountains of Bad Aussee, Austria.

317 architecture

The delicate wooden rain screen gently filters light both coming in in the day and going out in the evenings.

814 architecture

The house is a careful blend of the two disparate architectural styles and pulls it off with panache.

515 architecture

The result is a very livable space – with a nod to tradition in its drawing – that makes something completely new.

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