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Audrey Matlock’s mountain haven

catskill1 architecture

Are you a passionate outdoor enthusiast, who dream about living in a home surrounded by nature? What do you say about Audrey Matlock’s minimalistic house in the Catskill mountains? You like it? Yes, we do too. Through its glass walls, the 3700 sq.ft mansion reveals a stunning 360-degrees view to the surrounding greenery, so you can feel as you are outdoors. The furnishing are markedly minimalistic, with no unnecessary objects to disturb the clean-cut interior. There is also a great exterior fireplace and an outdoor edge-pool that make the time spent outdoors even more pleasant. All you can do in a house like this is just feel great. – via digsdigs

catskill2 architecture

catskill3 architecture

catskill4 architecture

catskill5 architecture

catskill6 architecture

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2 Comments so far to “Audrey Matlock’s mountain haven”
  1. Birgit Says:

    while it’s a great house to look at, I would probably feel way too much exposed living in it…

  2. lil Says:

    Great house..but it looks like there’ll be a lot of bugs around…

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