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Design Dilemma: Trends in Kitchen Backsplashes

modern kitchen how to tips advice

Kitchen trends come and go.  And so we are in the midst of a few striking changes when it comes to kitchen design. Backsplashes are changing their look. The glass and mosiac tiles of last year are giving way to sleek solid surfaces. What’s the benefit? Well, aside from a different look, one continuous surface is much easier-to-clean with no joints, grout lines or other places for grime to collect. We’re seeing these backsplashes everywhere. For instance, here’s Cararra marble used in a traditional kitchen.

transitional kitchen how to tips advice

And here’s a solid surface glass backsplash used in a rigorously modern kitchen:

modern kitchen how to tips advice

Here’s the look in red, accomplished by affixing a glass panel to a red wall:

modern kitchen how to tips advice

And here’s a handsome solid surface backsplash made of stainless steel:

modern kitchen how to tips advice

Solid surfaces look sleek, but they can also feel a little boring. To avoid that problem, the homeowners below took a colorful piece of cloth and laminated it between two sheets of glass for a little bit more oomph.

eclectic kitchen how to tips advice

Aside from the cleaning aspect of this new trend, there are several more advantages: 1) If you’ve been hankering for Calcutta or Carrara marble but can’t fanthom the idea of the inevitable red wine or tomato sauce stain, it’s a way of using your favorite material with less risk. True, tomato sauce can still splash onto your backsplash (that’s what it’s for, after all!) but such episodes are greatly reduced compared to using the material as a countertop. 2) It’s a particularly striking way to set off a beautiful pattern in stone. Veining, seen in its uncut entirety across the expanse of a wall is like modern art. 3) Depending on what material you use for your solid surface, from stone to glass to stainless steel, laminate or a composite, a solid surface can be an economical choice. Although we can see the practical advantages to a solid surface backsplash, we have to admit, we still have a predilection for the pattern and verve that tile backsplashes can offer in a kitchen. Without it, kitchens can feel a little clinical. What do you think?

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Design Dilemma: Top Five Tips on Decorating a Tiny Living Room

contemporary living room how to tips advice

Designing any kind of small space can be challenging, but living rooms come with extra challenges. For one, it’s often the first area of your home that you and guests see. It needs to accommodate down time if it serves as your family room, but it’s also got to accommodate your book club, sewing circle or poker night. It may even need, from time to time, to accommodate overnight guests. There are few areas of our homes pressed into service on so many fronts, but, as the reception area of your home, needing to look really good at the same time.

If this is your design dilemma, we have a few basic tips for you:

1) Choose smaller scale furniture. You may have heard this one before and it’s still one of the top truisms for those with limited space. Instead of choosing bulky, over-sized items, opt for pieces with lighter, clean lines that fit the dimensions of the room you’re working with. Nowadays, many furniture stores, from Ikea to Room and Board to Bo Concept and Crate and Barrel, offer “apartment-sized” lines sporting stylish options that are a little bit more petite than some other lines.


contemporary family room how to tips advice

In the small living room above, homeowners opted for a low-slung, armless sofa that takes up much less visual space than a high-backed, armed sofa would have. An added plus is that the sofa converts into a bed for overnight guests. You’ll notice that you can actually see the legs of the sofa. The result? The sofa feels less bulky than a sofa without visible legs.


Here’s another living room, this time traditional in style,  featuring small-scale, open furniture:

 home office how to tips advice

And here’s another example of how smart small-scaled furniture can look:

transitional living room how to tips advice

If you’re looking at smaller-scaled lines, keep in mind that small sectionals can be particularly adapted to a very small room, although it’s counter-intuitive. Sectionals allow you to choose just one piece of furniture (the couch) which can fill in for multiple pieces of furniture, such as extra chairs and a couch and ottoman.  Although loveseats would seem a perfect choice for a small room, if your small room is your only living space, you will likely find a loveseat too small. When choosing coffee tables and end tables, consider see-through furniture, like lucite, which virtually disappear.


2) Lose something.

Rethink the traditional sofa, coffee table, two end tables, two table lamps and two chairs look of yesteryear. Contemporary living rooms are generally much more casual, and rarely use every stick of furniture considered de rigueur decades ago.

For example, in the casual living room below, homeowners have dispensed with end tables:

contemporary family room how to tips advice

In this living room, the coffee table was axed:

contemporary family room how to tips advice

Same for this room:

contemporary living room how to tips advice

And in the living room below, the couch was exchanged for two simple arm chairs:

transitional living room how to tips advice

Part of the trend toward scaling back on furniture comes from the fact that today’s home is so much less formal than decades ago. And in small spaces, since living rooms perform double duty as family rooms, it’s necessary that furniture be multi-functional, small and light enough to be moved around as necessary. You need furniture you can easily move to the side to do yoga.

3) Keep furniture multi-functional. In small spaces, it’s better when a couch can also serve as a bed and when a coffee table can also serve as storage space. Ottomans can serve as both coffee tables or as a place to put your feet up. Make use of built-ins as well, if you’ve got the space. A small living room is a great place to feature a built-in bookcase or window seat that allows for extra storage without infringing too much on the footprint of the room.

4) Dispense with chairs altogether. Think about how you use your small living room. If it’s your only space, chances are that it’s a family room where you watch movies, or your kids play video games. You may do some reading, and you may do some active things like abdominals. If that’s the case, standing chairs become almost unnecessary, as most family members will head straight to the couch when it’s movie time and otherwise chairs consume valuable floor space. Consider simple stools that can be folded up and moved, as below:

traditional living room how to tips advice

5) Design your room for your family first. While guests may come to visit occasionally, or even several times a week, in the end, your family needs to enjoy your living room 365 days a year. That means that the driving design inspiration behind your space should not be only how your home functions for guests, but primarily how it functions for you. Keep things comfortable and uncluttered, allow yourself some storage and room to put your feet up, and you can’t go wrong!

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Scandinavian Design Inside and Out

1020 architecture

K M Architektur with offices in Austria, Germany and Switzerland designed this charming woodclad home with a very Scandinavian touch in Weinfelden, Thurgau, Switzerland.

158 architecture

The house is clad in locally harvested natural white pine, arranged in a crisscross pattern reminiscent of a quilt.

1123 architecture

The master bedroom is a study of simplicity wrapped in white pine the cantilevered bed platform and headboard wall niche.

921 architecture

The wood cladding continues inside and out, creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of the house.

419 architecture

Although the house itself is quite narrow – the deck outside gives the sense that the space is larger.

622 architecture

A wood stove in the living area is part of the sustainability of this nordic home.

723 architecture

This central stove creates a partition in the living room.

821 architecture

Other ecological items include a solar hot water system and geo thermal heating.

1312 architecture

The hallway goes along one long side of the house.

223 architecture

The long deck on the other side overlooks the mountains of Switzerland and Austria.

321 architecture

The house appears to float above the ground, its chunky volumes, like a child’s blocks, balanced just so with care.

1411 architecture

With its clean cut blonde pine and white, the Wohnhaus is almost the epitome of Scandinavian design.

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A Dramatic Black House for Viewing a Desert Landscape

8 architecture

When viewing California’s Joshua Tree National Park through the black entry courtyard of this house the colors are enhanced.

2 architecture

In the Black Desert House by by Marc Atlan and Oller & Pejic, somehow the black makes the desert all the brighter by contrast.

12 architecture

Inside, in the living room, brilliant reds, fuchsias and oranges complete the golds of the desert and the blue of the sky.

3 architecture

A pair of Louis VIII chairs add an wry touch of pompousness that is amusingly out of place with the raw power of nature at its most elemental.

10 architecture

The jagged modernity of the stark black house itself is more of a match to its surroundings.

4 architecture

As the plan shows, the courtyard center takes up almost a third of the space.

17 architecture

The unique setting of the desert seen to the horizon is fully matched by this dramatic home.

14 architecture

The house literally reflects the stark beauty of its desert surroundings in mirrored windows.

11 architecture

The sense of oasis and respite from the dry desert is enhanced by the power of the unrelenting black.

6 architecture

The bold house really capitalizes on the experience of desert living.

9 architecture

A truly incredible experience.

7 architecture

A very arty chandelier in bright white – Zettel’z 5 light fixture made of love notes – boldly contrasts with its all black interior.
5 architecture
This piece just perfectly balances a rocky outcropping outside the house.

15 architecture
A guest bedroom looks inward to the intimate rocks framing the pool setting.
16 architecture
The unremitting black inside and out provides relief for the eyes in all of the glare of the desert.
131 architecture

Yet for all the melodrama of the design, the house itself is really quite modest.

1 architecture

The Black House is really quite a small dwelling in the desert, that barely infringes upon its wild and rugged landscape.

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Tropical Ease and Sophistication in a Singapore Garden Villa

220 architecture

Here is one of two identical houses built for a client’s teenage sons and their future families in Singapore.

150 architecture

The new house is on a very narrow lot next to the existing home from Aamer Architects.

318 architecture

A glamorous rooftop pool tops the narrow house that very nearly fills the lot.

720 architecture

A zigzag floor plan allows windows on three sides – making the house seem much more open than the narrow plot really is.

619 architecture

Ceiling height french doors completely open the wall to the lush garden outside.

204 architecture

The many very tall thin french doors create the feeling of a tropical conservatory.

818 architecture

The zigzag floor plan solves the challenge of the very narrow plot, along with the stacked vertical garden.

197 architecture

It means every room in the narrow garden villa gets much more than its natural share of light and views.

1311 architecture

Every room is both physically and psychologically cooled by the luscious tropical greenery outside.

2110 architecture

This cooling greenery starts right outside at the ground floor next to a watery moat, and continues up the wall close to the open house.

514 architecture

A playful touch in the entry is a window up to the rooftop pool.

416 architecture

This is achieved by a glass bottom to part of the pool, quite an engineering feat!

1120 architecture

In each of thsee identical houses, the boys’ bedrooms upstairs are accessed from outdoors via a spiral stair that continues up to the pool on the roof.

918 architecture

This exterior spiral staircase is a lovely artistic feature that seems to echo the natural world surrounding it.

1017 architecture

It is perfectly centered so as to provide a wonderful view from the kitchen as well.

1410 architecture

Creepers twining up vertical timber trellises extend above the rooftop swimming pool, cooling the house from above.

164 architecture

This rooftop pool is overlooked from a half height penthouse room with an expansive sky view over the neighborhood.

174 architecture

Altogether it’s a gorgeously liveable space that brilliantly overcomes the challenge of Singapore’s typically cramped lots.