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Difficult Site Becomes Gorgeous Indonesian Resort

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A long and narrow site was offered to Robin Nederkoorn by a developer for less because it had a very, very steep side access.

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Architect Popo Danes saw the incredible potential in the narrow strip despite the dificulties and design challenge, and advised his client to go ahead.

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The result is the fabulous Longhouse, or the Tiara Nusa Estate, Goa Gong, Bukit Jimbaran-Bali in Indonesia.

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The rocky and barren site was so steep that it was almost written off, but the architect has made it work.

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The challenging access is not for the unfit.

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But this only makes the end result, once attained, feel like something of a Shangri La.

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Having climbed the steep stairways, the mountaintop resort becomes all the more glorious a destination.

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With four floors in front but only two at the back, the uneven land contour is an integral part of the design.

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