Home Design Find - Interior Design, Architecture, Modern Furniture - Part 3

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The Very Sustainable and Affordable Prefab Housing at Vila Taguaí


Suggesting a hillside cave overlooking the jungle, this living space comes standard in a settlement of sustainable and affordable housing.


The innovative alternative building concept comprises eight new wooden houses for young families set amongst the dense vegetation of the suburbs of São Paulo at at Vila Taguaí.


The houses are elevated off the ground taking care to preserve as many trees as possible.

Roads and pathways are finished in cobblestones, maintaining soil permeability. Read the rest of this entry »

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Design Dilemma: Neon at Home

contemporary deck how to tips advice

As we move into the darkest period of the year, we’re craving a little brightness at home. And what could be brighter than neon?

Used to its best effect, neon can make a home feel modern, funky, glam or just fun. And there are all sorts of ways to bring little bits of neon into your home. Shall we explore?

Below, neon street numbers on this Portland, OR home are a cool, funky and slightly more subtle way to incorporate neon into your home. It’s one little hint that what you find inside is going to be artistic and unique.

modern porch how to tips advice

Neon wall art can add spark and verve and even a little irony to a space:

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice
Below the children’s bedroom gets just the right amount of cool factor with the neon sign “chill.”
contemporary kids how to tips advice

And here, a neon sign spelling out the word “love” adds a bit of tongue in cheek Las Vegas chic to a dining room.

eclectic dining room how to tips advice

A family room feels fresh with the addition of neon:

modern family room how to tips advice

But neon art doesn’t necessarily have to hang:

contemporary dining room how to tips advice

Sometimes, just a photo of neon can do the trick:

transitional living room how to tips advice

And what about a neon border (most likely LED neon-like light) running around the perimeter of a room, like this?

contemporary dining room how to tips advice

And in this home,  lights around the baseboards add the pop and sizzle:

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

Neon light in this kitchen feels extremely modern, polished and restrained.

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

In this study, a blue LED light lets the desk appear to float.

contemporary kids how to tips advice

Nothing could be cooler than these LED lights with a neon effect used in a hallway.

contemporary hall how to tips advice

And in a bathroom:

contemporary powder room how to tips advice
So you see, even in the middle of winter it’s possible to find light and a smile at home. Add bright lights in unexpected places to give your space a quick and happy face lift!

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A Secret Mariner’s Hideout on Abandoned Lebanese Land


Bucking the trend for big bright white beach houses is this humble and unassuming structure on seemingly abandoned land on Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast.


With the city lights in the distance, the house at Lycee Amchit, Lebanon, juts out from land like a ferryboat about to head out to sea.


Furnished in threadbare carpets and ancient timbers, the bottom floor houses the public spaces.

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