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A Pleasant Family Home on the Mediterranean Coast of Croatia

106 architecture

Set in the familiar confines of a traditional Croatian village on the northern Mediterranean coast is this modern home for a small family by Zagreb-based 3LHD.

27 architecture

In direct contrast to the surrounding village, the home is unabashedly modern in its lines.

120 architecture

Lozice, Dubrovnik is an old Croatian settlement with a star-struck view straight across the Mediterranean Sea towards Italy.

36 architecture

The house takes advantage of this with glazing on several levels bringing the ancient fabled sea right into the space, to seem almost like part of the house.

46 architecture

An astonishing closeup from the parents’ bed makes it seem almost like floating directly above the sea.

56 architecture

A charming stairway is broader than normal for an interior, adding a relaxing horizontal line to a gracious space.

86 architecture

The interiors are simple and modernist, tough enough for kids, but no frills.

65 architecture

A spacious shower area is reflected in a full length mirror that seems to double the bathroom.

76 architecture

Glass is employed on the balustrading inside and out, creating an easy flow from outside to inside.

96 architecture

The living spaces directly connect to the outdoor decks in terraces that are connected by stairs and go down to the sea.

The architects have created an easy and pleasant home that takes full advantage of its stunning setting.

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Crisp Minimalist Luxury in Posh Palm Springs

113 architecture

Gorgeous simple clean lines mark the luxurious El Portal Resort in the historic Mesa neighborhood of Palm Springs.

32 architecture

Through a tall gated wall, the entry path leads to a pure white cube entered along the side of an inviting turquoise pool in the arid desert landscape.

42 architecture

An impossibly green lawn makes a surrealistic contrast with the natural brown of the San Jacinto Mountains in the background.

52 architecture

Once inside, two floors of soaring glass bring the bright blue desert sky indoors.

61 architecture

An unusual pattern of three slim horizontal windows stacked in a column offer a glimpse of the distant mountains.

23 architecture

The resort is the epitome of understated luxury.

102 architecture

A series of huge glazed doors open out to the balmy desert air.

92 architecture

Striking lighting makes the utmost of a lone group of desert palms.

114 architecture

Warm California sunshine plays over an all blonde-on-blonde interior.

122 architecture
A quiet sense of indulgence is accentuated by the use of clean design lines throughout.

133 architecture

Bathroom mirrors are intriguingly set in to frames that suggest deeply inset windows.

142 architecture

Another series of stacked horizontal windows offers a glimpse of the perfectly manicured landscaping.

172 architecture

The elegant simplicity of its contemporary bathrooms complete the sense of relaxation and respite from the busy Southern California life.

72 architecture

The villa boasts four double bedrooms each with their own bathroom and a spacious shared kitchen/dining room that seats eight.

82 architecture

A home away from home where the discerning traveler can get away from it all – with their seven best friends.

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Design Dilemma: Of the Moment Bathrooms

Just like every other room of the house, the bathroom is subject to trends. And if you’ve ever walked into a pink and black-tiled bathroom or a powder room encrusted in silver lame` wallpaper, you’re well aware of that fact.

So what are the big trends happening this year?

Here’s a rundown.

Black, Black and more Black.

Now, we’re not just talking tiles, as in the uber-chic extra large subway tiles in the shower below. (By the way, unusual tile sizes, like 4 x 8 or 2 x 9 are very popular right now.)

transitional bathroom interiors

We’re talking black tubs!

contemporary bathroom interiors

The bathroom above features a freestanding Caroma Noir bathtub. The black is picked up again in a Nero Tempest marble wall.

Here’s another example in a luxe traditional bathroom:

traditional bathroom interiors

And a third, simpler bathroom picking up on this trend:

transitional bathroom interiors

And finally, a very cool looking black stone tub:

bathroom bath trends 1 interiors

Will we all cringe at this trend in a few years time? Maybe. But what you will notice is that all black tubs are freestanding tubs — some modern, and some the traditional clawfoot tub. Unlike the last time black made it’s way into the bathroom, you rarely see fixed tubs set into the wall in black.

Floating Vanities.

They’re baaa…ck! You may have long dispensed with the notion of floating vanities as being too impractical for your cramped little bathroom where you could use drawer and cabinet space for shampoos and towels and hair dryers. But nevertheless, floating vanities, no matter how impractical, are making a come back. And for those who love the look, there are advantages to this style. A floating vanity can open up floor space, making a small bathroom feel larger. It’s also so much easier to clean. Here’s a particularly nifty look below:

bathroom bath trends 5 interiors

For those of us who can’t give up entirely on the notion of some storage, fortunately, more and more floating vanities also incorporate a little.

modern bathroom interiors

Curbless Showers

We’ve mentioned this trend in earlier posts, and it’s still going strong. Today’s showers move seamlessly from bathroom floor to shower floor.  This can be a great look particularly in small bathrooms, where an uninterrupted floor appears more spacious.

traditional bathroom interiors

Neutral Matte Tiles in a Concrete Finish
Sure, shiny white subway tiles are a classic that will never go out of style, but this year, the rage seems to be in matte tiles in a neutral finish like concrete. Something like the tiles below:

bathroom bath trends 2 interiors

It’s a sophisticated look, a bit industrial and very modern. Here’s another take on the same trend below:

contemporary bathroom interiors
Contemporary Bathroom by Irvine Kitchen & Bath Fixtures LeichtUSA

So what’s your take on this year’s bathroom trends? Will we all be knocking out these fixtures and tiles in a few years, or is there staying power here? From the looks of things, each of these trends is just restrained and classic enough that no one will be offended in 20 years time by your curbless shower. So enjoy!

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An Utterly Surreal Home on the Chilean Coast

28 architecture

This amazing home is simultaneously dug in to and soaring over the cliffs on the long and lonely Pacific coast of Chile.

125 architecture

The contradiction between the earthbound nature of its green roof and the lyrical inspiration of its soaring glass and concrete tower makes this an arresting architectural gem.

37 architecture

The soaring expanse of glass in the resulting cliff top perch of a living room offers an intimate view over the crashing waves below.

1110 architecture

Two full stories of unbroken glazing supported on tall concrete pillars make its astonishing views possible.

47 architecture

Entering the soaring space would be like plunging into the ocean, through dramatic interiors that are vast and airy, with limitless horizons.

87 architecture

As if dislodged by the wave action, the window panes are jigged up and down.

57 architecture

By contrast with the drama in the front, a quiet protected courtyard burrows into the hilltop away from the crashing waves.

66 architecture

The kitchen oversees this peaceful protected courtyard scene.

77 architecture

Another contradiction: a romantic lilting curved roof defies gravity – in heavy mundane pedestrian concrete.

97 architecture

Yet the concrete is appropriate: no less enduring than the rocky outcropping of the cliff itself.

107 architecture

Towering over the protected courtyard, the undulating concrete roof suggests the power and the motion of the vast ocean waves.

126 architecture

In a lonely setting overlooking the vast reaches of the Pacific Ocean, architect Raimundo Anguita has created a true work of art.

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Stepped Greek Villa with an Arresting Zigzag Shape

149 architecture

From ISV architects comes this bold geometric house overlooking the Aegean Sea from its steep perch on an Athens hilltop.

719 architecture

The zigzag shape as seen from the street below is even more striking lit up at night.

618 architecture

Because of the stepped structure, every room and every patio supplies a limitless vista out across the ancient Greek sea.

2 architecture

The access from the street is at the site’s highest point. From here you’d descend to the lower living levels of the home.

317 architecture

Next to a gloriously serene infinity pool, thick blocky geometric shapes extend through the glass into the house.

817 architecture

Viewed from another angle, the living room actually appears to be just idly floating about on the pool.

19 architecture

At night, swimmers are treated to a unique view through the living room.

513 architecture

Spare and spartan, bathrooms have a brisk and clean-cut masculine flair.

1016 architecture

Uncompromisingly contemporary design marks the spacious kitchen.

1215 architecture

An unbroken view is achieved with floor to ceiling glazing that makes it possible to completely open the interior to the sweeping ocean view.

22 architecture

A huge fireplace provides the focal point after the sun goes down.

917 architecture

The design represents an original treatment of an almost impossibly steep site.