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Design Dilemma: Guest Bed Options

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

With the holidays come visits from relatives and friends. If you happen to have a dedicated guestroom, you’re all set. But what do the rest of us do?

We’ve got a few ideas! Let’s take a look!

1. A banquette. This Seattle condo features a wide and magnificent banquette in the kitchen, but no guest room. Solution? Let the guests sleep in the kitchen during overnight stays!

And speaking of a bed in a kitchen, how’s this for a place to stash overnight guests? Just be careful not to spill a pot of hot coffee on the bed while your guest sleeps!

traditional kitchen how to tips advice

If you’re lucky enough to have a window seat/couch in some other part of the house, it’s even better than a banquette in the kitchen. Below, check out the same Seattle condo as the one in the first picture that also offers wide window seating that can easily convert into a couch for overnight guests. With the views and the spaciousness, your guests may not mind a little lack of privacy.



contemporary living room how to tips advice

Here’s another window/seat day bed that functions as a guest bed when necessary. This time the aesthetic is a bit more rough-hewn and rustic but still utterly comfy for any overnight guest:

traditional bedroom how to tips advice

2. The Closet. We know, we know. It doesn’t sound too cool to stick your guests in the closet, but if you have the right closet in the right place it can work fabulously. Check out the home of Fabiana and Rocco, who inventively used a long, deep closet located in their entertainment room as a guestroom for a single guest. (It might be a little tight for a couple.) Sometimes, they even rent it out.

contemporary kids how to tips advice

Here’s the same idea, different aesthetic, and the bunk bed idea allows you to sleep two:

rustic how to tips advice

And here’s another example of a single bed in a closet:

eclectic home office how to tips advice

3. Fold-down Murphy Style Beds. A classic in studio apartments, Murphy beds can also work exquisitely well for visiting guests. Without taking up too much room on a daily basis, They allow a  study, den or living room to convert to a guest room in the blink of an eye.

modern home office how to tips advice

Here’s another example:

contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

And a third:

contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

4.) A trundle bed concept under an existing day bed or banquette.  If you have a very small room that you use as an office or study, you can make use of the extra space by investing in a pull-out trundle bed under a day/bed couch. The advantage is that you can sleep more than just one guest when needed in a very narrow space. The space might even just be a corner of the living room or den. Check it out:

contemporary home office how to tips advice

Here are a couple of others:

beach style bedroom how to tips advice

And this:

contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

So you see, there are plenty of options for those of us without real guestrooms. Think a little creatively and your guests can have a comfy corner to lay their heads next time they stay over for the night.

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An Extended Family Guest House in an Old Barn


A gigantic 2,000 square foot barn was reclaimed and re-purposed as a guest house for the client’s large extended family of children and grandchildren in Santa Ynez, California.

Leaving the timber structure intact, California architectural firm Carver+Schicketanz clad the exterior with huge translucent panels.

Suggesting the exterior of a traditional Japanese house, these translucent panels slide to open both floors of the renovated barn.

The combination is endearing: the rustic and rough-hewn timber of the original barn, and the winsome charm of the translucent panels.

A generous family kitchen nestles in the top floor of the barn-turned guest house.

Entry to its top story kitchen is supplied from outside.

Objects of sentimental value, a charming assortment of old shipping crates are neatly accommodated in a new storage chest.

A quirky table has the heft of the barn timbers, supported on recycling industry legs.

A sturdy antique metal bucket is repurposed as washbasin, set into a concrete bench.

On the ground floor, a stables stall is repurposed as a guest bedroom, with a genteel sliding door that evokes the original stables.

To contrast with the aged timbers of the original barn, its wooden insert is set in a metal frame painted a compatico rusty red.

The powerful structure of the original barn was built in the early twentieth century.

Although sealed up tight against the weather on the outside; on the inside, a little of the feeling of 100 years ago lives on.

The quaint early twentieth century seating and daffy flower arrangement evoke something of the period.

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The Haus Neufert in Cologne with its Central Glass Cube


Haus Neufert by Gatermann + Schossig architects is anchored by a surprising glass cube popped through the roof at its center.


The popped out section creates some lovely spaces delineated by glass.


The interior becomes one with nature.


The house is set in the art-strewn grounds of the existing heritage home and features a self contained apartment.


Its cool, metal cladding system is that of an anonymous commercial building.


It is an unusual use of the familiar and anonymous cladding, bringing it to the realm of the artistic.


But the metallic exterior that might seem incongruous in its park like setting, also has an ethereal quality, refracting light and receiving the strange shadows of trees.


This is a garden guest house that enables a witness to art and nature in a peaceful and creative environment.

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Think Architecture: the 4 Courtyard Houses

1 architecture

A curious series of zigs and zags define the elusive shape of the 4 Courtyard Houses by Think Architecture.


Located in Zumikon, Switzerland, the four houses are identical, each wrapped around their own courtyard.


These interior courtyards are modular and private spaces.


The combination of full glass walls and the courtyards creates a series of light-filled spaces.


Each has curiously shaped skylights popped up from their roofs, giving the group a unique identity.

8 architecture

The bold zig zag design anchors the group.

5 architecture

Concrete and limestone is finished in two contrasting textures and colours to give definition to the zigzag shapes.

9 architecture

To get the contrasting textural effect, the grey was admixed with tiny gritty grey stones, while the smooth white stucco is blended with limestone powder for a silky touch.


“The four houses are built up in a modular way,” say the architects. “Identical in the basic conception but mirrored in the common middle and reacting individually to the particular topographic situation.”

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Mies van der Rohe Influence in Limantos residence

21 architecture

A huge double-height atrium is the heart of the Limantos residence by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados.

81 architecture

The three-level home houses an art-loving family in the upscale neighbourhood of Cidade Jardim in São Paulo, Brazil.

13 architecture

The house is set in lush landscaping on a steep 8,395 sq.ft site.

31 architecture

Inspired by the spirit of Mies van der Rohe, Marques has created a timeless house for this family.

41 architecture

The huge glazed structure inhabits its forest setting like a breathing creature.

51 architecture

Suspended among the trees, one family member enjoys a rare reading perch.

61 architecture

The wall of glazing disappears into a series of Japanese folding screens.

101 architecture

A perfect spiral staircase is a work of art in itself: like curled strip of paper.

71 architecture

Seen at the far end of the great room, it is completely natural and unforced.

92 architecture

In creating a home for both private family life and for entertaining, Marques achieves a beautiful balance between maximum transparency and privacy.