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Lightning basics – do’s and don’t’s

bulb how to tips adviceIn the past, most people considered lighting as “something that allows us to see our steps when the sun goes down”. Fortunately, more and more people realize that lighting can change dramatically the appearance of a room, to highlight its advances and hide its flaws… or contrariwise. Another worth attention characteristic of lighting is its ability to influence one’s mood, thus it is important to know the various types of lighting and their basic properties:

– Fluorescent lights are good for reading, sewing and other occupations that require lots of light. You can also use them in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Avoid using them in living-rooms and bedrooms, for their cold blue light gives “clinic” look to the room.
light bathroom how to tips advice

– It would be good if you plan for the living room different levels of lighting – bright light for family gatherings and dim soft light for cozy evenings on the sofa. You can attain this effect with several lamps or fewer lamps with light intensity adjustment.protea lamp1 how to tips advice
An interesting type of lamp with intensity adjustment – Protea lamp by Boiler Design Office

– To make your bedroom warm and snug use dim light in warm shades. Soft incandescent bulbs that emit red and yellow light are perfect for that purpose.

light bedroom how to tips advice

soft, warm bedroom lighting

– When planning the lighting in your home have in mind natural sunlight, which by the way you should use as much as possible.

Additional tips: Don’t forget – not only the type of the bulb matters, but also its power. For example, a 75-watt bulb shines much brighter than a 40-watt bulb, thus it can change the appearance of the room if you don’t pay attention. You can also create interesting light accents with wall washers ambient lighting and recessed ceiling lamps or just stylish and unusual lamps. You’ll be surprised of the result.Whatever the lighting you choose for your home, don’t forget to use energy smart light bulbs. Not only they are good for the planet, they can save you much money lamps how to tips advice

With lamps like these you risk to get zero attention to the rest of the interior from your guests

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