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Spectacular bathroom experience – mission possible

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Big, comfortable, stylish, emotional – the bathroom nowadays is a genuine temple of relaxation and everyday stress relief. The desire to create outstanding environment, giving us maximum pleasure and positive emotions, is the reason for us to give more and more attention to bathroom space planning. If it is done well, it can turn your bathroom into a true sanctuary that can help you deal with stress and fatigue. Thus, it is no wonder the number of people who want to turn their bathroom into a personal spa centre is constantly growing. How to achieve it? Here are some useful tips:

Chromotherapy – Chromotherapy, sometimes called color therapy or colorology, is the term for a branch of holistic healing that use color and light to improve and balance one’s health. If you think you can take advantage of colors’ healing power only via the wall and furniture colors, you’re wrong (although this is also an option). There are numerous wash-basins, bathtubs and sinks with chromotherapy options available, that enhance the bathing experience – just with a single push of a button you can dive into a sea of color, depending on the effect you want to achieve – from tranquillization to refreshment.

pink bathtubChromotherapy bathtub by Kohler – http://www.us.kohler.com

Technology’s little pleasures – They are there, but do not hit us in the eye: various components with intelligent functions – multifunctional showers, recreating realistically the sensation of running water in nature, towel warmers, built-in TVs and CD players present unnoticeably in the bathroom, but make the bathing experience much more pleasant.


bathroom indulgences by Kohler – http://www.us.kohler.com

From Nature with love – don’t be afraid to use natural materials in your bathroom; it’s not a reserved are for porcelain and ceramics anymore. Go bold and experiment with wood and stone. Wooden surfaces are very pleasant to the touch and give special warmth and coziness to the bathroom. Besides furnishing and paneling, after special treatment wood is suitable even for wash-basins and bathtubs. This as well applies to stone.

All the small things – natural cosmetics, scented candles, luxurious natural linen, CDs with Nature sounds – never before has there been such diversity to choose from.

…and never before has been the making of the perfect bathroom so easy.

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wooden sink by Bandini – http://www.ilbagnobandini.it

wooden bathtubwooden bathtub by Adagio Inc. – http://www.adagiosinks.com

It does look tempting, doesn’t it?

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  1. Jeff Says:

    An easy and wonderful addition to the bathroom is the new “bathroom bidet sprayer” from http://www.bathroomsprayers.com I installed mine myself and it’s the best thing I ever got for my bathroom. My friends love it too.

  2. lil Says:

    Uh,I wonder if the ‘color therapy’ actually means more radiation infused into your body.

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