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  • Thumbnail image of Sensamare by Hoesch

    Sensamare by Hoesch

    Hoesch has recently added a new line of showers and bathtubs called Sensamare.  This product was designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich.  In an effort to expand in the Italian market Hoesh brings new and diverse bathroom design. The patented Hoesch Everclean glass reduces the number of limestone and water deposits for an almost waterproof glass.  […]

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  • Thumbnail image of 8 Must-See Bathtubs and Showers by Gruppo Treesse

    8 Must-See Bathtubs and Showers by Gruppo Treesse

    Gruppo Treesse have brought to us an amazing list of bathtubs and showers from their new product lines.  Check out the list and let us know which one would you want most.   Who wouldn’t want one of these for their home? Milo Bath designed by Alessandro Lenarda The Epoca Arabesque

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