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  • Thumbnail image of Contemporary Private Mansion in Brighton

    Contemporary Private Mansion in Brighton

    A spectacle of modern architecture amalgamated with great luxury and interiors that are befitting royalty, what you see is an exquisite and exclusive estate on 11 Sussex Stree in Brighton. Transforming the entire space into a retreat that pampers your senses, designer Nic Bochsler brings in a minimalist modern look to a home with 3 […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Japanese Architecture: Boukyo House

    Japanese Architecture: Boukyo House

    This home was created by Nakayma Architects in Sapporo, Japan. The idea of the home was to separate the private areas from the public area as much as possible.  Locating the two bedrooms and bathroom as far apart from the dining room, living room, and kitchen.  This is done to purposely extend the distinction between […]

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