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  • Thumbnail image of Fancy new kitchens by Warendorf and Philippe Starck

    Fancy new kitchens by Warendorf and Philippe Starck

    German kitchen manufacturer Warendorf (former Miele DIE KUCHE) chose Philippe Starck to design their first kitchen line.  Four new designer kitchens have been introduced under the new brand name. “The Library” aims to reinforce the connection between culture and food, “The Primary” offers some yellow neobaroque aesthetics, “The Duality” is accessible from two sides and […]

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  • Thumbnail image of El_01 Kitchen

    El_01 Kitchen

    El_01 is a new kitchen design that combines stainless steel with wood seamlessly and beautifully. An attractive design feature of the kitchen is the customizable colored metal sheet inserts, which are available in a wide range of colors. The kitchen is highly versatile, giving you a multitude of possibilities when setting up the arrangement and […]

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