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  • Thumbnail image of Design Dilemma: How to Integrate a TV into Your Decor

    Design Dilemma: How to Integrate a TV into Your Decor

    Have you ever seen a meticulously designed room that is absolutely perfect except for one thing — the massive TV that dominates everything else? Suddenly, the perfect mood is destroyed by the brooding black object that commands center stage. Even if watching TV is an important part of your lifestyle, there’s no need to let […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Mobileffe – Inspiring Italian Interiors

    Mobileffe – Inspiring Italian Interiors

    Nothing really matches the elegance and grace of Italian art and Mobileffe managed translated that, into some real serene and stylish interiors. The minimalist and fashionable designs come in tranquil and pleasing colors with finely crafted book shelves, a very cozy fireplace and designs that look to bring the African Serengeti into the modern home. […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Determining Your Design Style

    Determining Your Design Style

    The first thing required, before embarking on any design project, is to determine your design style. It can seem rather a complicated exercise, especially with the media bombardment about what we ought to like, how we ought to dress, what we ought to buy, how we ought to live, and so on. The thing is, […]

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