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  • Thumbnail image of Regina II from Poltrona Frau – Classic Armchair with a Twist

    Regina II from Poltrona Frau – Classic Armchair with a Twist

    Classic furniture never goes out of fashion. Well, it may need a little refreshment, but some timeless pieces always look stunning. For example take a look at Regina II – a classic bergère with a modern twist. Designed by Paolo Rizzato and produced by Poltrona Frau Italy, this swivel armchair consists of Pelle Frau® leather upholstery, […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Mobileffe – Inspiring Italian Interiors

    Mobileffe – Inspiring Italian Interiors

    Nothing really matches the elegance and grace of Italian art and Mobileffe managed translated that, into some real serene and stylish interiors. The minimalist and fashionable designs come in tranquil and pleasing colors with finely crafted book shelves, a very cozy fireplace and designs that look to bring the African Serengeti into the modern home. […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Modern Bathroom: Brera 09

    Modern Bathroom: Brera 09

    The minimalist design of the Brera 09 can fit almost any sized bathroom. The suspended base and wall unit give an open feeling, creating the illusion of more space. Not only is it small and stylish, it also has storage. Two large storage spaces are beautifully positioned into the design of the furniture. One large […]

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