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  • Thumbnail image of Luce 120 – the ultimate shower cabin

    Luce 120 – the ultimate shower cabin

    Can your bathroom become your own little wellness center? Yes, it can! With the hi-tech Luce 120 shower cabin it’s as easy as pie. The all-in-one luxury bathing device offers numerous indulgences: mixing scents, lights, colors and sounds, it delivers the ultimate bathing experience. Luce impresses with a large range of features, such as a steam […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Wave of Design Bathrooms

    Wave of Design Bathrooms

    The bathrooms designed by Wave of Design are anything but the standard bathroom you think of when you think “bathroom”. These are living spaces that are beautifully and elegantly designed. The stunning bathroom furniture feature colorful high gloss finishes that have hidden storage. Pull drawers have options for special storage cubes for bathroom items.

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  • Thumbnail image of Four Seasons Bathroom

    Four Seasons Bathroom

    High class meets the bathroom with the Four Seasons bathroom from the Luxury Collection by Milldue. A fantasy bathroom, by designers Samuele Mazza and Alessandro La Spada, that includes everything you could wish for and more. Glitter and glamour fill the luxurious room with accessories you can’t imagine. Living up to it’s name the room screams elegance.

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