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  • Thumbnail image of Pallucco: Fold Collection

    Pallucco: Fold Collection

    The stunning Fold Collection by Pallucco is a collection of amazing lampshade lights. These exquisite light diffusers are available in floor, wall, pendant and table versions, what a selection . You have your choice of finishes in either mirrored stainless steel(simply gorgeous), black fabric powder, chromium plated rosette, or semi-gloss white paint with a transparent […]

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  • Thumbnail image of BoConcept Tulip Pendant

    BoConcept Tulip Pendant

    The BoConcept Tulip Pendant will have you singing praises of it’s sleek, modern design. This bold, yet beautiful, lamp will leave your guests mesmerized at the trumpet shaped shades and chrome inner core. Can’t you just picture it in your bedroom, we know we can! Waking up to this Tulip Pendant every morning is enough […]

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