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  • Thumbnail image of Artistic brassware – Sculpture Showerhead by Vado

    Artistic brassware – Sculpture Showerhead by Vado

    UK-based bathroom brassware manufacturer Vado blends artisticism, functionality and style in the Sculpture showerhead. Sculpture it may not be, but it is without a doubt a work of modern art and offers a fully customized shower experience. The six shower heads can take any position you can think of, thanks to their flexible hoses. You […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Virgin Shower by Zazzeri

    Virgin Shower by Zazzeri

    Unusually shaped and with a wink from the designer, Virgin Shower by Zazzeri surprises with its simple and “natural” outline. The shower system consists of three showers placed on the room’s ceiling and pouring water into a large bathtub, recreating the feel of being underneath a waterfall. Virgin pours not only water, but color as […]

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