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  • Thumbnail image of Luce 120 – the ultimate shower cabin

    Luce 120 – the ultimate shower cabin

    Can your bathroom become your own little wellness center? Yes, it can! With the hi-tech Luce 120 shower cabin it’s as easy as pie. The all-in-one luxury bathing device offers numerous indulgences: mixing scents, lights, colors and sounds, it delivers the ultimate bathing experience. Luce impresses with a large range of features, such as a steam […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Virgin Shower by Zazzeri

    Virgin Shower by Zazzeri

    Unusually shaped and with a wink from the designer, Virgin Shower by Zazzeri surprises with its simple and “natural” outline. The shower system consists of three showers placed on the room’s ceiling and pouring water into a large bathtub, recreating the feel of being underneath a waterfall. Virgin pours not only water, but color as […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Sensamare by Hoesch

    Sensamare by Hoesch

    Hoesch has recently added a new line of showers and bathtubs called Sensamare.  This product was designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich.  In an effort to expand in the Italian market Hoesh brings new and diverse bathroom design. The patented Hoesch Everclean glass reduces the number of limestone and water deposits for an almost waterproof glass.  […]

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