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  • Thumbnail image of 16 Sweet Modern Sink and Wash Basin Designs

    16 Sweet Modern Sink and Wash Basin Designs

    Just when you thought sinks were just used to wash dishes.  These modern sinks and wash basins take a new twist to your old idea of a bathroom.

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  • Thumbnail image of Crevasse Prep Sink

    Crevasse Prep Sink

    A collaboration by Designer Anne Kitzmiller and Kohler kitchen design and engineering brings the Crevasse Prep Sink. The sink offers more work room and an easy to use system. The prep sink is made specifically for the use of prepping food and clean up, with no excessive space used. It’s long, sleek and made on […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Orbis Washbasin

    Orbis Washbasin

    This gorgeous collection of washbasins combine a modern clean lined design with stunning beauty. The Orbis, by Ceramica Gallasia, is an oval recessed washbasin. It comes in 3 different outer shapes of round, oval and rectangle and can be combined with the accessory. The accessory is a cool base made specifically for the washbasins. The […]

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