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  • Thumbnail image of The Lovely Matsudo Mansion by BAKOKO

    The Lovely Matsudo Mansion by BAKOKO

    When architects design a home for themselves, it’s always spectacular. Take a look at what architects Alastair Townsend and Kayoko Ohtsuki of BAKOKO Design & Development have done with this small 400 sq. ft. apartment on the outskirts of Tokyo. Guided by the idea of a clean, bright, modern home that serves as a place […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Tokyo Residence

    Tokyo Residence

    Small Space? No problem if you are Architect Yasuhiro Yamashita. This small unique home is a great example of what a creative person can do with, well just about, anything. The Tokyo residence is a mass of geometric shapes that come together to form a rather extraordinary living space. It even incorporates an open garage. […]

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