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  • Thumbnail image of Portas Novas from the inside

    Portas Novas from the inside

    As stunning on the inside, as it is on the outside, Portas Novas by Victor Cañas architects reveals the quintessence of style and harmony. When creating a “transparent” house it is important to consider that everything that is inside can be seen from the outside and it should not disturb the facade of the house […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Portas Novas – oceanfront paradise by Victor Cañas architects

    Portas Novas Рoceanfront paradise by Victor Ca̱as architects

    Victor Cañas architects have created amazing work of art in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Portas Novas, which means New Gates, is a stunning piece of architecture, perched on a vast ledge facing the Pacific Ocean. As you may have already guessed, the view is incredible and the architects had that in mind. Made by concrete, steel […]

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